Meeting The Marabou

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In Africa they have Marabou’s or more commonly know to us as witch doctors. While in Makasutu i was privileged with meeting the local Marabou. And in the most extreme of cultural exchanges we swapped magic….. I painted his home with my white man GIF-iti magic and he made me and my family some of his […]

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Wynwood Maimi

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While out in Miami i thought i’d get a quick spot in amongst the graffiti disneyland of wynwood walls. Thanks to Adjust Gallery for the wall. And while i was painting local girl Diana rocked up in INSA LEGGINGS ‘MTL Sunset’ which matched the wall perfectly and she was ready to show off her hand […]

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Posted by | December 18 | Comments Off on INSA DUG OUT

Here is the beautiful moment the dug out i painted in Africa took its maiden voyage on the River Gambia…. A traditional African hand carved mahogany canoe painted and varnished and ready for fishing in style! I hope to return to the Makasutu jungle again in the next year and see how this boat has […]

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Viral Art

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Viral Art is an interesting new online book written by RJ Rushmore. It discusses how graffiti and street art have always used affective ways of communication from the early days of painting trains to how this has now been shaped by new technologies and if the future of graffiti lies online!? I haven’t read all […]

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An INSA nativity…

Posted by | December 16 | Comments Off on An INSA nativity…

Cool new London boutique ONExONE and me thought it would be fun to create a christmas window display for their new Soho store. I chose to re visit my previous work ‘Only God And You Can Judge Me’ within the context of Christmas windows being just another vulgar part of selling commodified festive joy…. The […]

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Posted by | December 12 | Comments Off on NEW LEGGING RELEASE TODAY!!

The fifth edition in the ever popular INSA LEGGINGS are here!!! The MULTICOLOURED CLASSIC available in the SHOP now! BUY HERE Good Luck!!

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Posted by | December 9 | Comments Off on MAKE YOUR OWN WAY

‘MAKE YOUR OWN WAY’ – MAIMI 2013 Painted for Mister Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning to celebrate the release of the WAY OF WADE 2.0 ‘OVERTOWN’

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Halfway to Nowhere

Posted by | December 4 | Comments Off on Halfway to Nowhere

Earlier in the year LA photographer Birdman took me, Charlotte my trusty assistant and another artist Echo out into the desert on route to Vegas….. ….What he wanted to show us was a water park that was built in the 1980’s to look like the 1950’s and abandoned in the 2000’. A very creepy remnant […]

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Posted by | December 3 | Comments Off on GIF-ITI in the GAMBIA

LYNX AFRICA (yes the smell of teenage boys) has just turned 18! And to celebrated being grown up they commissioned 18 artists to make a piece of work inspired by Africa. Me being one of them: It was only after I had had all the inoculations and boarded the plane that I realised I had […]

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Time passes…..

Posted by | November 5 | Comments Off on Time passes…..

Another day another new piece of GIF-ITI: Painted in Bogota,Colombia.

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