Halfway to Nowhere

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Earlier in the year LA photographer Birdman took me, Charlotte my trusty assistant and another artist Echo out into the desert on route to Vegas…..

….What he wanted to show us was a water park that was built in the 1980’s to look like the 1950’s and abandoned in the 2000’. A very creepy remnant of a failed American Dream. You may have seen this place on road trips to and from LA and Las Vegas but didn’t know exactly what it was. Out there we met up with Sawa, artist and suicide Girl photographer, who was chilling with Lass and Moon (suicide girls) :
With temperatures reaching past 100F and the constant fear of getting killed by tweakers lurking we managed to get the main entrance building covered and shoot some crazy desert life photos…….


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Birdman had an itch to bring this place to life, and did a few trips there with other artist; MEGGS, RISK and UGLAR, and put together this video:

Music by the excellent Portugal The Man

SAWA also made a film about that crazy day in the desert…… Watch hers here:

Thanks to all that were invovled in that awesome adventure! x


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