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LYNX AFRICA (yes the smell of teenage boys) has just turned 18! And to celebrated being grown up they commissioned 18 artists to make a piece of work inspired by Africa. Me being one of them:

It was only after I had had all the inoculations and boarded the plane that I realised I had misread the brief of ‘Make a piece of work inspired by Africa’ to Make a piece of work IN Africa!
Anyway it worked out well as I couldn’t think of a better way to produce a piece of work inspired by a place than actually visiting it. I flew to The Gambia and spent some time in and around the villages on the mangroves of Makasutu Jungle. I painted a traditional african thatched mud hut that belong to Saloum and his 2 wives and many children. Saloum was particularly pleased with the marching elephants as they have pretty much been wiped out in The Gambia apart from the one owed by the president.


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