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I have a new mission and i WANT your help!

I am a strong believer in keeping art free, or more precisely making money to re-invest in art and not just for profit. And i am always trying to involve those that follow my work (YOU GUYS) in new projects.

Some good examples of this are the SWAPSHOP from last year and the recent ‘SELF REFLECTION’ installation, where all the work was given away.

So now i have a new experiment and it relies on 12 people getting behind it and supporting the mission!

I have been invited to paint this building in downtown LA, in the heart of the Arts District.

I want to paint both sides to completely wrap the building in INSA love.

The awesome LA Freewalls are supplying all the materials and equipment, BUT i need to raise the basic costs of flights, car hire etc

I want to fly and paint next week!

Here is the mission: I want to see if I can raise all the funds for this trip and fly within the week- THIS WEEK!

I could of course just pay for the flights myself or coincide it with another trip out there- but then that would be no fun.

So here is how i hope to raise the funds:


This last week I have produced 12 paintings on paper (50cm x 34cm each)- each unique but part of the series.


Spray-paint and ink on 350mgs paper.

Because i don’t want this just to be a fund raiser but a great deal for the 12 awesome people that support this, i am pricing these at just £150 each!!! Much cheaper than the usual price of a hand painted original!

And NOT ONLY that, perhaps more importantly the supporters will get:

– their names painted on the final LA wall as a thank you

– a photo of their name and a hand written thank you letter for their support.

– a goodie bag with t-shirt, postcards and stickers

Not bad huh?!?!

To make this opportunity to get involved open to all the sale will go live at 4.00pm GTM (UK time) Monday 23rd April.

First come first severed (please email with any queries)


As i said this is a total experiment and a bit of a challenge and maybe no one will be interested or want to get involved… so lets see how it goes….

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