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LALA Gallery is a new space in LA brought to you by Daniel Lahoda- the man responsible for the outstanding LA Freewalls street mural project.- a project that helped me paint a couple of walls in LA last year, this weekend officially opens with its inaugural group show, LA Freewalls Inside (4.21), featuring many of the artists who have contributed to LA Freewalls.   The show will feature all-new work from Anthony Lister, Askew One, Becca, Cern, Chris Brand, Cryptik, Cyrcle, Dale VN Marshall, Dan Witz, Daze, Dee Dee Cheriel, Evan Skredertsu, How & Nosm, INSA, Jaybo, Kim West, Kofie, Lady Aiko, Ludo, Mear, The Perv Brothers, Poesia, Push, Pyro, Ripo, Risk, Ron English, Saber, Shepard Fairey, Swoon and ZES.

LA Freewalls Inside
Opening: Saturday April 21st (7-10 PM)

LALA Gallery
1335 Willow St. (2nd floor)
Los Anges, CA 90013

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