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Thank you to everyone who got excited by the SWAPSHOP and wrote in with an offer.
I got over 300 offers in the end!! Way more than i expected and goes to show i’m not the only one who likes the idea of taking money out of the equation.

So choosing my top offers to get the shirts was a very tricky process and i’m still not sure i made the right choices.
I had offers for all kinds of things! Admittedly about a third were people offering a t-shirt swap- but i mean come on that’s not really very exciting. And i had lots of people offering me nice commercial goods- i could of hooked up a nice new wardrobe for myself- but then that wasn’t really the point of this experiment. I wasn’t just looking to hook myself up.

My criteria for choosing winners was roughly along these lines:

a) Extreme offers> anything above and beyond the expected.

b) Anything that was to help more that just me.

c) Anything that could be added to the winners packages and shared amongst the larger group.

d) Stuff that benefited my artwork or gave good content for the blog.

e) Then just anything that i liked.


1) Haley- USA, Offered her first born’s name:


2) Daniel-UK, Got tattooed- Thanks to Xty at KidsLoveInk for the good work and photo:


3) Mike- USA, Getting tattooed- work not done yet!

4) Josh- USA, Got tattooed:


Please note getting tattooed is a serious commitment and something that should only be done with proper thought and consideration. I explained to all offers of tattoos that i did not want them to do this just for a t-shirt swap and only if they were going to get it done anyway outside of the giveaway!

5) Rik -UK, from RIPE DIGITAL offered 750 printed postcards:


All winners will be getting some!

6) MIRS1- USA, offered several hundred vinyl stickers:


All winners will be getting some!

7) GUERRILLASNAKE- USA, offered a couple hundred vinyl cut decals (Not pictured) All winners will be getting some!

8 ) Francesca- UK, From DIGIMURA offered a full room digital wall covering of my artwork printed and installed:

9)Wayne- Netherlands, offered £100 charity donation to charity of my choice:

10)Christina- Germany, offered £50 charity donation to charity of my choice:

11)WESTONE- USA, offered £30 charity donation to charity of my choice:

Charity1 Charity2 Charity3

12)Glyno – UK, Offered a pair of kids sneakers and a £25 charity donation

BabyKicks Charity4

13) JP- UK, Offered to give me a tattoo by him at his shop CUT ABOVE THE REST– happening this week.

14)LA TACO -USA, Offered $50 on Kiva.org (micro lending in 3rd world), some stickers and a ripe avocado.
I chose this shoe seller to lend the money too:

15) Emma- UK, Offered 3 good deeds related to INSA artwork:

GoodDead1 GoodDead2 GoodDead3

1st good deed: A pair of 6 inch patent platform peep toe heels and Insa sticker given away to a random girl (Sarah 26 from London).
2nd good deed: A pair of Nike dunk trainers and Insa sticker given away to random boy (Dan 30 from Brighton).
3rd good deed: A picture of my ass in a tight leather skirt (with Insa sticker!) for your delectation! (Em London 28).

16) Bram Styles- UK, Offered to make INSA fetish calling cards to put in telephone booths around Soho, Central London. And then keep me informed of any callers that ring the number looking for some INSA fetish. Lines open now!!
PhoneCard1 PhoneCard2

17) Dave- Australia, Invited me to his wedding in the summer as the invite is INSA inspired:

WeddingInvite1 WeddingInvite2

18) John- Australia, Dedicated some vandalism as his offer:


19) Drisk- Uk, Offered to do a sticker campaign of the INSAxNIKE logo:

Sticker1 Sticker2 Sticker3 Sticker4

20) Tammy- Australia, Offered to try and recreate my ‘Exterior Gloss’ wall in LA:


21) Guillaume- UK, Offered one of his beautifully designed lampshades:


22) Dionne- UK, Offered commitment to the cause with her Tea Cup and Heels (It was the fur rug that swayed it for me):


23) Dominic, Offered a hand drawn screen printed bootleg of the INSAxNIKE bootleg tee.

24) Sarah, Offered a home cooked multi-course Iraqi meal delivered to my studio.

25) Charalambos, Offered a kilo of real home made Greek Halloumi

26) Mario, Offered a box full of authentic Puerto Rican ‘Chichaito’

27) Ben, Offered 50 Stella Artois

28) Mattie, Offered a dinner out for 2 including wine etc


So all in all not a bad experiment!! As you can see i had to extent the number of winners to 28 from 20.

Thanks to everyone that emailed in offers and took part- the INSALAND SWAPSHOP will be back again sometime in the future!

And remember there is more to life than MONEY!

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