Sneaker Freaker Interview

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I have a new interview over at SNEAKER FREAKER– go have a read HERE

“How did these two themes (high heels and women) come to overtake a lot of your work and how do curators and purveyors take to you, being so unabashedly upfront?

Well, it’s just kind of continued naturally as I experience living my life as an artist. As for the reaction from curators and purveyors, yes I do sometimes get the response that it is too sexual or possibly offensive, but I find that very surprising as I never made my work any more explicit than anything you would see on a billboard or fashion magazine or on daytime MTV. I think this is because when the image isn’t selling you something it’s more shocking, we actually notice the sexuality and not the product being sold to us. Like we have been programmed to accept this form of consumer sexuality as a different thing to the sexuality in our real lives.

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