'Self Reflection' Opening

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So again a massive thank you to all those that came out to view this installation, it was a busy night and i hope you all enjoyed the work…

It was important for me not to sell anything at this show- i wanted it to strictly be about the installation and remain purely as a piece of art to be considered and not to be soiled by the involvement of money.


The only part of this work that could be taken away were the 50 premium signed and number prints.
These were given to the first 50 through the door….


So now the installation has gone these 50 people have ownership of the piece.


The queue for the print started a couple of hours before we opened, but the sun was shinning so it was all good.


Thanks to the lovely Miss Arabella Drummond for handing out the prints, and to the security for keeping things orderly.


The bar was stacked thanks to RedBull, Chris & Keir!


Place got filled up pretty quickly….


SR10 SR11

The crowd responded. The room was overwhelming. Pictures got taken.

SR12 SR13

And then within 24 hours of opening the door it all had to be painted over……

Thanks to Bernard Miller for all the photography on the night!

I would like again to give a big thanks to Papergraphics and BAF graphics for helping make this room possible. Clearly the best wall covers and printers in the business!!

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