Prison tales….

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Yesterday i uncovered an old box of stuff and found a bunch of things from my time in prison…
In a couple of months it will have been 10 years since i was locked up in HMP Brixton for vandalism.

I thought i would share a little bit of it on here. Below is a drawing i did while taking a crap:


All i could do to pass the time was drawing- although the only things i could get my hands on were biros, lined paper and shitty felt tips.

It turned out drawing was quite a desirable commodity so i ended up doing a good trade of girlfriends names and naked lady sketches in exchange for magazines, weed and biscuits!

Below are a few of the drawings i kept:


Cos i only had a few dry felt tips and i didn’t want to use them up i coloured everything in this dotty pointillism style.

As soon as i was released i went on to use this dotty style in my painting for a while, which i would never have done if it wasn’t for all those days and crappy felt tip pens- so i guess contrary to my primary beliefs there are benefits to sending non violent graffiti artists to jail………. 🙂


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