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Pow Wow Hawaii is an annual painting event that happens in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

This year i was invited to be one of the many awesome artists participating, and took the opportunity to collaborated with fellow South-East Londoner, good friend and international graffiti superstar ROIDS MSK

Working hard for 5 days straight we produced this new piece of GIF-ITI magic:


‘PARADISE’ by INSA and ROIDS, Hawaii 2014


Here is a couple pictures i stole of the process:

The whole event was a really special experience, weather it was the vibes from the island, or the passion from the organisers and all involved, or the positive group of artists working together, Pow Wow is something quite magical! Thanks again for the invite, until the next time love to all the POW WOW family…..


And here is a nice video that captures some of the magic of the event shot by WEREHAUS

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