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So after a tough bit of decision making i decided who should be the ultimate winner…
May i present you Mister Lego:

(click images to see full size)
When i first got this i pissed myself. It was up on his myspace for a while and it turns out that really is his teacher and its some kind of college project?!?!?!?

This is an entry that made the decision so hard…

Going on shock this pic should have won, cos it threw me abit, i am unsure whether this is:
A) Really fresh and original to see an american army sgt posing with his afghani girlfriend wearing bandana tupac style, as described in the email, or
B) Just really too dark
So because i didn’t want to support something i was unsure about i couldn’t make it the winner. But thanks for the photo!

Here are some of the other great entries -Hugh thanks and respect for putting in the effort, you will all be getting a little something in the post…

This has so many good points.

Love this- so pleased the bandana made this little sailor so happy.

This is very close to my heart- those that know, know i have a very special relationship with Stella. And to see a bottle decorated in diamonds and presented so nice almost brings a tear to my eye.

Love the bandana flag and the start of your “insa army”

Nice Heels!!!!!!

Great use of dissected cats …

šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

This is a really great photo- and respect for finding my piece in deepest darkest deptford.

Maybe i should actually be alittle worried


No my insaland!

Sexy ?!?!?



Not sure what this has to do with INSA but i have to give props to long time deptford bomber BRAINS.

“I have no way to really make an INSA reference point.
I have several albums by the Rock Group INXS, but i have realised that it is not really an adequate substitute. However, I do have the power of Time Travel. I come from 4005, where Graffiti has died out. This is shocking but true. So, I will make you a deal. If you make me a winner, I will take my gifts back to 4005 and “spread the word”. I understand that this may seem slightly outrageous, which is why I have provided photographical evidence: Me in my time-travelling suit.”

So thanks again to everyone that entered ‘The Great Bandana Giveaway’ PHASE I or PHASE II.
I will be sure to do another comp in the future so keep your eyes peeled.


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