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SO if you didn’t know- I recently held a nail art competition in conjunction with Sophy Robson and NAILPORN. I’ve gotta say I was really impressed by the amount of great entries and the quality and creativity of the winning designs! Originally we were just gonna pick one winner but it was so hard to decide that we extended it to 3 winners!


First2 First3

We chose these as the winners not just because of the good execution and original ideas, but there were plenty of great shots of the finished piece and they came with a 40 page!! sketch book of thoughts, ideas and inspiration behind the designs. GOOD WORK!

page1 page2 page3 page4

2nd> Mona Leanne


I dont even need to explain why we chose these- Sick colours, amazing skill and the INSA ‘teardrop’ shaped thumb nail is inspired!! AWESOME!

3rd> Linda Khuu


A great set, very clean skillfully painted! Love the elephant dung texture on the little nail and the chain thumb nail is AMAZING- if it had been a whole set of heart chains it could even have been the out right winner!


As i said we had so many entries it was a tough job picking the winners. I though it would be cool to showcase some of the other entries here:

N3 N4

N5 N6

Special mention: Watch the how to video blog by Scratch DollFace

N9 N11


Special mention: Another sick chain thumb nail by Miss Handly

N13 N18

N21 N22


Special mention: Youngest entrant, 8 year old Lamaya,

N25 N28


Special mention: These 3D boobs are ridiculous in a good way!!

N29 N30

N32 N33N31 N34

So as you can see from this selection we had A LOT of great work submitted! THANKS to each one of you that entered. There is nothing i love more than people getting involved and showing skillz!! x

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