Making of the 'Exterior Gloss' sculpture

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Occasionally i like to show a bit of behind the scenes and making of action.
So here i thought i would show you the steps involved in making my recent sculpture shown in ‘MORE’ at Fifty24SF.

First up i needed a willing model:

MakingPB1 MakingPB2

Here is Vicki braving the first layer of freezing cold Alginate being spread over her, after that we built up a solid case from plaster bandages,

MakingPB3 MakingPB4

then with a lot of care and gentle wiggling we managed to get the mold off in one piece!

MakingPB5 MakingPB6

then mixed up enough silicon to brush into every part of the mold,

MakingPB7 MakingPB8

once the silicon had dried i had to fill the mold with an expanding foam to reinforce the silicon skin, after that the mold could be cracked off and the final positive revealed!!

This is what i used to carefully pour a mixed resin over. This was a case of very precise timing, pouring the resin just as it was at setting point to catch the motion of dripping liquid.

This resin piece could then be pulled off the silicon chest and mounted ready for painting in several layers of candy pink and lacquer!


And there you have it!!

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