'Looking for Love…' Exhibition pics!

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So after a week to recover I am now able to show you some pics from the show…..

The centre piece and the culmination of all my ‘Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places’ work: a 6 ft x 6 ft chrome inverted heart.
It’s a piece I have wanted to make for ages and this was great opportunity to get it done and the perfect place to show it.

Too legit to quit!!!!!

Click to enlarge the smaller pics so you can see the full on INSA vortex

I have to thank the team that stuck with me till 5 in the morning several nights getting the space finished in the short time we had.

“Sunny Sky Over my Favourite Park in South London, Interrupted by a Morning Watching MTVbase, with some Expensive Bolt Cutters”

New Limited Edition screen prints made for the show- available in both pink and special mirror prints- these pics really don’t show how nice the mirror prints are!

All people interested in buying prints/pieces from the show please email: [email protected] or phone direct on +44 (0) 20 7613 3021

All the frames from the INSA x NIKE animation were shown along with some of the actual street paintings that I managed to rip away from their original locations

Another huge pair of legs to walk through for the entrance of the show- this time sporting the new AirMax 1 heels….

I decided to paint the entire courtyard as well just for fun.

So thanks to all that came by and all that helped out- special thanks to Pixie, Terence, Will and Acyde for making this happen!

And to end, a stolen pic (thanks Fatz) of the rarer than rare official show bootleg tee!!

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