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Happy New Year!
To start off 2009- In the january issue of Juxtapoz i have a very small profile piece:

And if you don’t already know me here is the text from the introductory piece:

” INSA was a name I made for myself about 15 years ago to write on walls. Even though those days of just painting my name and living a lifestyle where anonymity was a necessity have passed, I still keep the name as those years inform my work and the way I see the world. These days my work revolves around sex, money, obsession, consumerism, materialistic objectification and shoes.

Even though I spray a lot of paint on canvas, and am constantly trying to push the limits of control I have over the relatively clumsy tool of a spray can, I don’t want this to define me as an artist as I use many media including photography and products to help express and explore my ideas of consumer fetishism. “

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