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This is a new hard back from the produces of Juxtapoz;

“Juxtapoz Erotica features titillating explorations of the subject matter by two dozen of the most exciting artists working today.”

below is an extract from the intro to my 10 page feature;

“I’ve never liked the word ‘erotica’ or ‘erotic art’. It gives me major douche chills. It reminds me of the phrases ‘marital aids’ or ‘lovers guide’, which in turn paradoxically conjures up the image of a lonely man clutching a plastic carrier bag leaving a beade doorway. I’ve always considered my work to be more about consumerism and shallow aspirations than erotic titillation. I guess I must have some sort of deep rooted fear that I could one day become that guy with the plastic bag. So having my work in this book is perhaps the first step to facing the denial…”



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