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I have recently joined the world of INSTAGRAM under the imaginative name @INSA_GRAM


that is insa underscore gram.

And i thought it would be fun and a cheap ploy to get more followers on there to have a little competition!

So i am looking for the best INSTAGRAM picture that includes some INSA- that could be in the form of clothing or a wall or a piece of art or even just an image inspired by my work somehow!!

Simply upload your image to INSTAGRAM and add the hashtag #insa_gram

It can be an old image, new image, photoshopped or drawn!!

You have until the end of the month (june 30th) to get you picture up.

I will pick my 5 favorite images and each of them will receive AWESOME FREENESS!!!

-One of these instantly SOLD OUT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HOLD OF!! Special edition signed and screen printed cover VNA magazine issue 11. (Yes i’ve been sitting on these 5 copies for the last couple years and thought it was time to let them go!)

VNA Special 3 s

-And an equally HARD TO GET HOLD OF special INSA x VNA lighter that came with that issue!

VNA 11 lighters S

-Plus a selection of INSA stickers and postcards!!


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