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The kings of Japanese denim EVISU.

Yes old garage raves Evisu, yes Beyonce in ‘Lose My Breath’ Evisu, yes the Beckham kids Evisu.  Well they are celebrating there 20 year anniversary! And as part of there celebrations they asked me to produce a piece of art.

I produced this piece entitled the ‘Button Down, Back Up’:


ButtonDown3-low ButtonDown4-low

This fully custom made denim playsuit is crafted from authentic Evisu selvedge Japanese denim.

Hand bleach printed with my classic ‘Graffiti Fetish’ pattern.

Double stitched, double layered denim construction, steel buttons and whale boning give this delicate feminine form the strength, toughness and durability of any serious piece of workwear.

ButtonDownCloseUp5-low ButtonDownCloseUp3-low

I worked with the amazing garment specialist Miss Melody MaKer to produce this one off.

Even though this is a piece of art to be admired in its own right, a piece of denim desire that does not need to be worn, it has been tailor made to fit one person and one person only, rapper and role model Miss Nicki Minaj with the slightly unbelievable measurements of 36-24-45.


This piece was displayed at Evisu’s London ‘Make The Rules’ exhibition/party last week and is now going off on tour around the far east to be displayed at parties in all the major cities!

Even thought it is unseen when displayed i designed this pretty special, custom display stand.

Well its kinda hard to find a mannequins in Nicki Minaj sizes.

Frame1-low Frame2-low

Frame3-low Frame4-low

I worked closely with my good friends at JAIL MAKE Studios who hand forged and welded this rigid steel framework, that is then mounted on steel rods that are sunk deep into a thick oak heart shaped base.



All about the lines….


(photography by Bernard Miller)

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