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Some more tourist style pictures from my recent time in Hong Kong.

Massive thanks to May, Masa, Ken, Autumn, Stan, Peter, Thierry, Naomie and Amiee for all your help and showing me a good time is this fascinating place!!

And thanks to Above Second Gallery, Flemming Hotel and Club FLY for making it all possible.

HK10-low HK7-low HK11-low

Apart from the EXHIBITION, the PAINTING and the PARTY i was also there to EAT!

Here is a list of some of the things i ate that i don’t find too often back at home:

-Chicken Testicles, Duck Tongue, Baby Sparrow, Sea Snails, Pig Lips, Jellyfish, Fish Eyes, Pig head meat, Chicken cartilage, Drunken pork knuckle, Geo Duck and several other ‘meats’ i couldn’t translate.

HK4-low HK12-low

HK5-low HK6-low

HK15-low HK16-low

Claiming daytime reaches…..



Doing interviews:


Partying with the ‘POP’ stars:

HK2-low HK14-low

….. a very very very busy week!!!


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