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The FUEL GIRLS, a crazy troop of fire breathing sexy ladies who tour the worlds car shows with their wild antics, approached INSA to art direct their 2008 calendar. The brief was to shoot all the girls with a selection of hot cars and to inject a bit of life into the tired and predictable genre of car and girl calendars. Along with his photographer Emma Slater, INSA sources his favorite cars and shot all the images on location in the UK and USA over a two-week period. Here is an exert of an interview were he is talking about the project:

“The initial concept was to focus on the colours of the cars. I didn’t want to go too graffiti but definitely wanted to have a graff feeling about it and make it look like my style. As the subject matter is purely an aesthetic thing, I wanted to exaggerate this by focusing on the surface layer- the gloss that hides everything below, the paint of the cars. So to continue the look of the cars onto the girls I wanted it all to be super shiny, hyper real with vivid colours. Get the girls in colour matched rubber and cover the whole thing in a drippy shiny layer of paint.”

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