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I have quite an indepth interview it the lastest CLUTTER mag

“C: So there’s an internal fight between consumerism and being an artist?

Exactly. My new work, like the sneaker fetish stuff is deliberately trying to address the issue of consumer fetishism and the role of us as buyers and how driven we are to be represented by products. And the relationship between want we want and what we need. I don’t think it’s very healthy.

C: Isn’t it a tribal thing though –tattoos, trainers etc..

Yeah definitely. It’s a way of representing who you are through clothes and shoes but I think we’re in such a flooded market where you buy your way into cool. In most sub-cultures you should have to work hard to show you are part of that culture and not just buy into it. It’s like if you can afford to buy “this” pair of trainers then you are instantly cooler than the next guy who didn’t buy the really hot kicks, when no you’re not you’re just an idiot with money, it doesn’t make you any cooler…”

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