Buff Enough…..

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So every wall painter will know that work gets tagged on. Yeah its annoying but its part of graffiti.

I’d be a hypocrite if i said it mustn’t happen because i was once an agro teenage boy that liked writing on shit i wasn’t supposed to! I was pissed off at stuff and writing on shit was an easy way of feeling important.

For me my heel walls aren’t that far removed from the days of tagging on stuff- i paint quick, i use fat caps, i claim illegal spots, its constant repetition of lines- but a moody little graff head isn’t gonna think that they are just gonna see some big dumb ‘Art Fag’ mural- and so be it.


On this wall i thought i’d have a bit of fun and rather than leave it to get dogged to oblivion or rather than just paint over the tags as if they never happened i will buff each tag in a neat buff square in a different colour. Building up numerous layers of hideous multi coloured patchwork.

And then after a while of the wall developing write a pretentious artists statement about harnessing the energy of the taggers to produce a constantly evolving interactive public art piece that chronicles the story of a wall. Using the random action of tag placement to produce art…..

This is NOT because i actual think this is art but because i cant think of anything more annoying to the kids that tag on my wall than becoming part of the ‘Art Faggery’ they despise so much!

To Be continued……

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