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a feature on work from BUY MY LOVE….

“Objects of desire. When does a desire become a fetish? What is the relationship between sex and selling? These questions and more are explored in Buy My Love, an exhibition by UK graff legend INSA currently on display in Glasgow.
London-based artist INSA straddles the worlds of commercial art and underground expression. He started out as a graffiti artist but also trained at Goldsmiths. His work explores how branding and sexual desire interact, and despite this (or because of it) he has been commissioned by the likes of Nike and Kangol.
Shoes feature prominently in INSA’s work. A canvas features an arched, bare foot alongside another encased in the distinctive shapes of an Air Max trainer. His distinctive motif of worm-like legs in high heels adorns stilettos, walls and PVC corsets.
Like the human body parts he paints, INSA’s art works have themselvs become objects of desire and highly collectable….”

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