Over the last couple of years renowned graffiti writer turned artist INSA has taken his practice to the next level. Using concepts as ambitious as filming from space and globe-hopping to produce seconds’ worth of looping-animated artwork, he has proved himself truly unique in vision and accomplishment. In the process he has amassed tens of millions of views online for his stunning video projects.

Originally famous for his ubiquitous ‘Graffiti Fetish’ artwork that focused on issues of modern aspirations, his visual motifs confront the fetishisation of products in modern society and the commodification of success and ambition. And now known for his mind-bending ‘GIF-ITI’ work which is underpinned by the theme of online versus offline life, the artist continues his interest in confounding concepts of time and space, the ways in which we process and consume, and the transience of both art and object.